Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Doctor

My current pain management doctor is also a surgeon. He had gotten so overwhelmed in his practice and working every weekend that he decided to refer all his prescription only patients (this is where I fall in) to other doctors in the area. He chose doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He now has more time to dedicate to surgical patients without working on the weekend. He told me if I ever have a problem with getting my prescriptions, don't hesitate to give him a call and he'll write my scripts out for me.

So, I saw the new pm doc Wednesday. It was an interesting visit, to say the least. His computer system malfunctioned right in time for my visit. He had all my previous medical records in his computer. He apologized continuously because this was the first time his computer malfunctioned and he does all his work from the computer. Basically, Mickey and I gave him an overview of what I've been going through over the last few years.

I then told him my condition prior to seeing Dr. V. At that time, I couldn't sit or lay down because I'd be in such extreme pain I'd classified it as closer to 15 on the pain scale. The pain scale goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level. I could only prop up against about five pillows trying not to move.

I explained that prior to the last three months, or so, my pain level was ranging from 5 to 7 throughout the day, sometimes spiking up to an 8. I explained that this was manageable for me. I was able to function. However, the last three months, or so, my pain level has been ranging from 7 to 9 and I'm having a really hard time functioning. I'm sleeping most of the day, and night, trying to keep from dealing with the pain.

I almost forgot to inform him that I've been experiencing a new type of pain in my thigh muscles. I've always had tightness in them, since this whole situation began. Now, I'm experiencing this pain that's so strong it causes me to yell out. It happens whenever I put pressure on my toes. For instance, I'm sitting in the wheelchair and get to the edge to pick something up, OUCH!!!!!!! My goodness this pain is intense and sharp. He nodded as though he knew what he could do to help me with this but didn't do anything yet. He promised that he'd be more organized for my next visit and we would begin to see what can be changed, or adjusted, to help decrease the pain.

I told him that my goal of being in pain management is to have my pain level back at a manageable level. If he could get it lower than that, I'd be forever grateful, but I'd be really happy just be able to function again, with a high (yes) but manageable pain level. I told him it's terrible to say that you're use to high level pain now. It shouldn't be this way. I explained that Dr. V and I were working on bringing the pain back down but so far, the 10mg/day increase in Oxycontin literally does nothing.

At the end of the appointment, the doc was so funny in telling us how he hasn't had to write out prescriptions in years. It's all done by computer. So, we shall see if I can get relief with any changes or adjustments he makes. Time will tell, I'd prefer sooner, rather than later.

Please keep my friends at ASAP in prayer. Everyone in this support group struggles so hard everyday and could really use your help through prayer.

I hope everyone is doing well and having pleasant days!