Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pinky Talk

For those who have asked after Pinky, she is doing well. She is a terrific and smart little pup. She'll be 7 months old on the 24th of April and she's grown so fast. She moves with a swiftness for such a small puppy that I should have named her "swift lightening"!

She eats well and enjoys treats, especially those given for good behavior (with head rubs). I'm amazed everyday at how smart this little animal is. If anyone had told me that their dog was smart, I probably would have shrugged it off, if it weren't for Pinky showing me the error of my ways.

She started out as a little ball that I could hold in the palm of my hand. I now need both hands to hold her, she's gotten heavier and longer over the last 3 1/2 months in my care. The funniest thing to see, is her standing by the refrigerator in my bedroom, to let me know she wants a snack. Sometimes, she'll come close to me and bark, then point her little head in the direction of the refrigerator. Other times, she'll come by me, bark for attention but when I reach for her, she runs to the refrigerator instead of letting me pick her up.

Another of her funniest moments, is to have me call out her name while she's hiding behind some object or the in the hallway. When she's caught, she has this look of the kid who stole the cookie out the cookie jar, it's hilarious!!!

She's very protective of me, especially when I'm in distress from excruciating pain or severe tremors. She doesn't want to let anyone near me and if they try, she'll bark at them in this real high pitched bark. She's so small that she doesn't intimidate anyone, but it's endearing (and funny) to watch.

She's helpful and comforting when I'm at my worst. She's afraid of the leg tremors and will bark at my legs. However, when the arm tremors start, she'll thrash her body across my arm in an attempt to stop the tremors. When they stop, she'll lick my arm and then go back to her business. If I'm crying, she'll immediately come to my side and sometimes she'll try to lick my tears away. It's amazing how she just knows when to "just be". She'll just come to sit beside me as if to let me know she's there if I need her. It's all something to observe when I'm having a bad/rough time, or day.

She's great with the kids. I know the warning about having young children around these small puppies/dogs. However, she's great with my grandson and granddaughter. She knows when they are in the house and barks to either be put down to get to them, or to let them know she's waiting. It's so adorable!

I still don't have photos to post but hopefully soon.

Take care, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Janice----I just lost a Male Yorkie(6lbs of terror) to cancer. He was almost 9yrs old and boy did it break my heart.My brother and his wife raises small toy dogs(where I got Scotter)he had been a stud dog,and has puppies all over New York City. A lady comes down to South Carolina a buys all her yorkie and maltise puppies and to NYC they go. Anyway they had a small yorkie female(Suddie)(a great Grandaughter to Scotter) that I have now. She weighs 2 1/2 lbs 3yrs old and she has won my heart.She is so timid and the perttiest dog I've ever had. We love her and still miss Scotter.
One point of causion---They can have bad teeth and gum problems.Feed your dog dry dog food,NO TABLE SCRAPS. After a teeth cleaning is when everything went down hill for Scotter and he developed mouth cancer.
Try not to love Pinkie so much she takes control----Yeah right....
they have a way of making hard times a little more bearable.
Later---Jerry in Carolina

Barbara said...

Janice, having been raised a country girl, I have learned so much from animals and their natural instincts. Pinkie is good for you and comforting. I'm happy you have Pinkie.
I hope you are getting some relief. I think about you and pray for you.